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Эта книга от Craig Johnson ( Novell aid Connection SysOp и добавлю от себя - известнейшего специалиста в данной области) раскрывает наиболее полно все апекты в понимании и настройке Novell BorderManager (Корпоративного Firweall от Novell Inc.), версий от 3.0 до 3.8, включая настройку BorderManager 3.8 IKE-base VPN . Эта книга доступна только в электронном виде на сайте автора по цене $44.95.

От себя также добавлю что эта книга видимо единственная (и к счастью исчерпывающе полная) по данной теме.

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But you DO have a 'default route' - the mailbox. So you drop the letter in the mailbox, and trust the postman to deliver the letter. The postman of course doesn't have any idea how to deliver that letter either, but he/she DOES have another default route - the letter-sorting bin for letters going out of town. Along various steps of the way, the letter keeps getting delivered not directly to the end destination, but instead to the next 'hop' along the way to the destination. Finally, a postman on the final step of the letter's journey gets the mail, and since he/she actually knows where the house is, the letter can be put into a final destination (mailbox).

Previous versions supported only one. 9. 8 includes a Personal Firewall called Novell Client Firewall (NCF). A Personal Firewall is bundled so that remote users connecting via VPN have some measure of protection and do not provide an easy method for hackers to penetrate the network via a VPN-connected host. (This book does not cover the installation, configuration or use of the personal firewall). 10. RAM requirements are higher, especially if SurfControl is being used. The minimum RAM recommendation for a dedicated BorderManager server is now 512MB, 1GB or more preferred.

HTTP Proxy is set up on that IP address, and all internal web browsers use the BorderManager server's IP address and port 8080 in their proxy settings. 0) Internet WA N li nk BorderM anager Server CISCOSYSTEMS Internet Router / Firew all The firewall is configured to block TCP port 80 unless it com es from the BorderManager IP address. Thus, the internal PC's m ust go to the BorderManager HTTP Proxy in order to browse the Internet. PC Macintosh Mail Server Hub or Switch W eb Server1 W eb Server2 BorderManager can be set up using any internal IP address, and configured with the HTTP Proxy.

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