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By A. C. Hartmann

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The base location contains e i t h e r the l i n e number at the point of c a l l f o r routines, or i t contains the component index f o r system components. ameters. The parameter portion may contain more than j u s t the e x p l i c i t par- This allows the routine entry to address global component variables. of a sequential program places a l i s t fore the e x p l i c i t parameters. A call of i n t e r f a c e r o u t i n e addresses on the stack be- A f t e r the e x p l i c i t parameters, the address of the se- quential code store is placed on the stack.

As examples, a variable appears in the output as the variable's name index followed by i t s type's name index. A subscript expression is followed by the array index type's name index and the array element type's name index. In this way traversal of linked structures is avoided in later passes. Nameanalysis is concerned only with names and their relationships. what these names represent. The passes next described deal with 7, Declaration Analysis * function * Declaration analysis performs the semantic processing o f d e c l a r a t i o n p a r t s .

Reference to a function namewith this a t t r i b u t e places the function result ent r y on the operand stack. Names are declared in a declaration part. While the declaration is s t i l l the operand stack entry indicates a declaration. incomplete, Associated with the declaration is i t s spelling index and a pointer to i t s incomplete name entry. This information is used to update the various tables at the completion of the declaration. Occurrence of an error in the declaration part or body part may invalidate an operand.

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