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By Sudhir R. Ghorpade, Balmohan V. Limaye

This self-contained textbook offers a radical exposition of multivariable calculus. it may be considered as a sequel to the one-variable calculus textual content, A path in Calculus and actual Analysis, released within the related sequence. The emphasis is on correlating normal ideas and result of multivariable calculus with their opposite numbers in one-variable calculus. for instance, whilst the overall definition of the amount of an effective is given utilizing triple integrals, the authors clarify why the shell and washing machine equipment of one-variable calculus for computing the quantity of a superior of revolution needs to supply an analogous resolution. additional, the booklet comprises real analogues of uncomplicated ends up in one-variable calculus, comparable to the suggest worth theorem and the basic theorem of calculus.

This publication is exceptional from others at the topic: it examines subject matters no longer commonly lined, equivalent to monotonicity, bimonotonicity, and convexity, including their relation to partial differentiation, cubature principles for approximate review of double integrals, and conditional in addition to unconditional convergence of double sequence and wrong double integrals. in addition, the emphasis is on a geometrical method of such simple notions as neighborhood extremum and saddle element.

Each bankruptcy includes particular proofs of suitable effects, in addition to quite a few examples and a large choice of routines of various levels of hassle, making the booklet beneficial to undergraduate and graduate scholars alike. there's additionally an informative part of "Notes and Comments’’ indicating a few novel gains of the therapy of subject matters in that bankruptcy in addition to references to proper literature. the single prerequisite for this article is a direction in one-variable calculus.

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52. Let D ⊆ R2 and let f : D → R be a function. Also let C be a convex subset of D. Let us say that f has the Strong Intermediate Value Property, or in short, the SIVP, on C if for any (x1 , y1 ), (x2 , y2 ) ∈ C and any r ∈ R between f (x1 , y1 ) and f (x2 , y2 ), there is a point on the line joining (x1 , y1 ) and (x2 , y2 ) whose image under f is r, that is, there is t ∈ [0, 1] such that r = f ((1 − t)x1 + tx2 , (1 − t)y1 + ty2 ). (i) Show that if f has the SIVP on C, then f (C) is an interval in R.

Show that if f is a rational function, then both φ and ψ are rational functions. Also show that if f is an algebraic function, then both φ and ψ are algebraic functions. 11. Show that f : R2 → R defined by f (x, y) := |xy| is not a rational function, and g : R2 → R defined by g(x, y) := sin(xy) is a transcendental function. 12. Consider D ⊆ R2 and f : D → R defined by either of the following. Determine in each case whether f is bounded above. If it is, then find an 36 1 Vectors and Functions upper bound.

I) If (xn , yn ) is convergent, then it has a unique limit. (ii) (xn , yn ) is bounded ⇐⇒ both (xn ) and (yn ) are bounded. (iii) (xn , yn ) is convergent ⇐⇒ both (xn ) and (yn ) are convergent. In fact, for (x0 , y0 ) ∈ R2 , we have (xn , yn ) → (x0 , y0 ) ⇐⇒ xn → x0 and yn → y0 . Proof. Each of (i), (ii), and (iii) is immediate from the definitions. 1, if (xn , yn ) is a convergent sequence in R2 , then it has a unique limit in R2 . The limit of (xn , yn ) is sometimes written as limn→∞ (xn , yn ) or as lim (xn , yn ).

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