Barbara Delinsky's A Woman's Place: A Novel PDF

By Barbara Delinsky

The precise spouse and mom, Claire Raphael transforms a pastime right into a profitable franchise enterprise, basically to have her monetary luck turn into a nightmare while her vindictive husband sues for divorce, difficult huge alimony funds and sole custody of the couple's kids. $175,000 ad/promo.

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The last time was in August. ” He had been upset. A deal he’d been working on had just fallen through. At the same time, compounding his humiliation, the second quarter figures for WickerWise had come through looking better than ever. So he had threatened to move out. He did that when he was upset, or humiliated, or frustrated. It was part of the pattern. ” “I was. ” “Claire,” he mocked me and settled against the doorjamb, calm again. It was the calm that got to me, I think. It suggested that Dennis truly had the upper hand here.

You have to put together a case by Monday to convince the judge you should be the one in the house with the children. ” A lawyer. I hadn’t thought that far. A divorce lawyer. The thought shook me. A family law specialist. I wanted to cry. The only lawyer I had experience with was the one who did the WickerWise contracts, but he didn’t do this kind of work. I supposed he could recommend someone who did. But then I’d have to tell him why I needed it, and I didn’t want to do that. I did know of someone else, though.

They’re terrific kids. They’re well-adjusted and secure. They’re happy. What you’re doing—the way you’re doing it—is going to screw them up, it can’t help but screw them up. ” “She won’t leave,” Dennis told the police officer. It was Jack Mulroy. We knew him and he knew us, ours was that small a town. “I’m their mother,” I told Jack through sniffles and swipes at tears that kept coming. “I love my children. They love me. ” Jack opened a hand for the court order that was crushed in my fist. I uncurled my fingers and gave it to him.

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