New PDF release: Abraham's Ashes. The Absurdity of Monotheism

By Peter Heinegg

"Abrahamic faith" has lengthy been a buzzword in ecumenical discourse. it's the suggestion that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, regardless of their profound adjustments, are united of their reverence for Abraham—not simply because the progenitor of Israel, yet as a common father within the religion. Abraham's Ashes deals a forceful critique of the biblical and Qur'anic perspectives of Abraham, exhibiting how on the center of all prophetic religions lies an untenable fantasy of suprarational magical considering "revelation." This fantasy includes communiqués to a privileged male from a mysterious patriarchal God who calls for, and on the subject of Jesus, truly gets the tribute of human sacrifice. This merciless tale proves to be an apt creation to the weird, contradictory, and oppressive delusion referred to as monotheism.

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Past finding out, but not past frenetically applauding. True to the Pauline principle, God’s behavior throughout the Abraham cycle is more or less incomprehensible. Why choose one particular man for special treatment? Why not let everyone in on the fun? Why this highly selective interference in history? What does “appear to” or “speak to” mean when the speaker has no physical components? Why is God so intent on being adored? P. ) What‘s going on here? To answer—or try to get some purchase on—that question, we’ll have to spend some time scanning the creeds, codes, and cults of the monotheistic religions, but even a brief consideration of the Abrahamic legends suggests some basic problems.

And seemed designed to flatter the protagonist (or the protagonist’s “biographer” as the bringer of such sensational news) by making him an extremely important person: the recipient of a mighty revelation from some kind of supernatural being, whatever such beings are. The fact that this God has no clear identity might seem problematic—though his or its ability to speak the language of his or its human interlocutor is a definite plus—but monotheism has made a virtue of this near-total obscurity by stressing and glorifying the “mystery” of the Divine.

Don’t lose your self-respect—just look: bootlickers’ mouths are filled with gook. —Peter Heinegg Acknowledgments Thanks to Penguin Books for permission to quote from The Koran, tr. N. J. Dawood. All Bible quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are from the King James Version. All other translations, unless otherwise indicated, are by the author. Introduction Crazy Abe When a man’s fancy gets astride on his reason, when imagination is at cuffs with the senses, and common understanding, as well as common sense, is kicked out of doors, the first proselyte he makes is himself; and when that is once compassed, the difficulty is not so great in bringing over others; a strong delusion always operating from without as vigorously as from within.

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