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By Craig S. Keener

Hugely revered New testomony student Craig Keener is understood for his meticulous and complete study. This observation on Acts, his magnum opus, could be the biggest and so much completely documented Acts remark to be had. important not just for the learn of Acts but additionally early Christianity, this paintings units Acts in its first-century context.

In this quantity, the second one of 4, Keener maintains his specific exegesis of Acts, using an unprecedented diversity of historic assets and providing a wealth of clean insights. This magisterial observation can be a useful source for brand spanking new testomony professors and scholars, pastors, Acts students, and libraries.

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Epodes Odes Sat. Iambl. Myst. P. Iambl. ) Bab. St. Isaeus Apollod. Aristarch. Astyph. Ciron Cleon. Demes. Dicaeog. Eumath. Euphil. Hagnias Hagnoth. Menec. Nicost. Philoct. Pyrr. Isoc. Nature of Man Places in Man Prognostic Prorrhetic Regimen in Acute Diseases On Superfetation Homer Iliad Odyssey Homeric Hymns Horace Ars poetica Carmen saeculare Epistles Epodes Odes Satires Iamblichus Chalcidensis Mysteries De vita pythagorica/On the Pythagorean Life/Life of Pythagoras Iamblichus (novelist) Babylonian Story Estate of Apollodorus Aristarchus Astyphilus Ciron Cleonymus Against the Demesmen Estate of Dicaeogenes On Behalf of Eumathes On Behalf of Euphiletus Hagnias Against Hagnotheus Menecles Nicostratus Philoctemon Pyrrhus Isocrates Ad Nic.

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