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By Alvin F. Goldfarb (auth.), Alfred M. Bongiovanni M.D. (eds.)

ABOUT the subject material formative years is a time of important swap. The adolescent period spans the period among adolescence and maturity. it's a time of actual, social, or even emotional upheaval. in this really short time period not just does actual progress speed up yet, of extra importance within the biology of any species, the person attains reproductive adulthood. inside of this time-frame, the man or woman acquires the ability to procreate and perpetuate our species. From a reproductive viewpoint, all through adeolescence the person is being ready for might be what can be thought of an important functionality an organism has in the course of his/her short sojourn on the earth, particularly to endow successor(s) with a minute quan­ tity of DNA to allow continuation of its kind of existence. The interlude be­ tween youth and maturity isn't really continually socially or emotionally sim­ ple. The anatomic and physiologic variations that come to cross in the course of early life usually are not inevitably paralleled by means of a potential to imagine the societal obligations linked to reproductive adulthood. even though the physiologic adjustments as a rule continue in a predetermined style, variation to a altering position is a much more making an attempt technique. acquainted with residing in a kid's international, the topic of adolescent switch calls for significant time and knowing to facilitate exis­ tence within the grownup global. The early levels of sexual knowledge, for ex­ considerable, are commonly super complicated and, as evidenced by means of the in­ ordinately excessive frequency of teenybopper being pregnant and sexually transmitted ailments, could be terribly dangerous.

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Menarche The earliest menstrual cycles during attainment of puberty are anovulatory and simply represent exposure of the uterine endometrium to ovarian estradiol. During the first postmenarchal year the responses of the serum gonadotropins and the sex steroids to the administration of GnRH do not yet reach adult levels. Between the third and the fifth postmenarchal years, there is a progressive increase in the response and they are indeed greater than in normal adult females. Nonetheless, measurements of serum progesterone indicate that there is still a low percentage of ovulatory cycles.

Jost A: Recherches sur la differenciation sexuelle de I'embryon de lapin. 3. Role des gonades foetales dans la differenciation sexuelle somatique. Arch Anat Microscop Morphol Exp 36:271-273, 1947 3. Silvers WK, Wachtel SS: H-Y antigen: Behavior and function. Science 195:956-960, 1977 4. Wolf U, Fraccaro M, Mayerova A, Hecht T, et al: Turner syndrome patients are H-Y positive. Hum Genet 54:315-318, 1980 5. Meade KW, Wachtel SS, Davis JR, et al: H-Y antigen in xo X, Iso (X) mosaic Turner syndrome.

Illig R, Torresani T, Bucher H, et al: Transient rise in luteinizing hormone and folliclestimulating hormone secretion during puberty studies in 113 healthy girls with tall stature. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 54:192-195, 1982 25 CHAPTER 3 Ovarian Dysfunction in the Adolescent Leonore C. Huppert 1. INTRODUCTION The causes of ovarian dysfunction in the adolescent are fascinating and varied. They may range from the mild oligomenorrhea frequently encountered during the first 1-2 postmenarchal years to complete absence of pubertal development and menstrual function characteristic of the many forms of gonadal dysgenesis.

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