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By Dr. Gerhard Schlemmer, Dr. Bernard Radziuk (auth.)

"One may still quite cross horne and mesh a web than leap into the pond and dive a ways fishes" (Chinese proverb) spotting definitely the right analytical query and making plans the research in accordance­ ly is unquestionably the 1st prerequisite for winning hint and ultratrace determina­ tions. the second one prerequisite is to pick the strategy acceptable to the analyti­ cal specification. the strategy itself comprises a suite of obtainable instruments. The 3rd prerequisite is that analysts and operators understand the tools weH sufficient to get pleasure from demanding themselves as weH because the tools and are rewarded by way of the enjoyment of top of the range info, quick and in your price range effects and the conviction of getting the analytical activity below regulate. This ability is understood between analysts or operators operating with a thrilling new and infrequently complex analytical procedure yet is progressively misplaced on ce a method turns into "mature" and a regimen device. regrettably, laboratory managers usually don't let enough education time for his or her analysts and technicians for "routine" suggestions and hence omit a chance for motivating their co-workers and acquiring the total good thing about the apparatus. Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) is likely one of the mature analytical concepts wh ich is noticeable as a regimen approach in such a lot laboratories. greater than 10,000 furnaces are operated in elemental hint and ultratrace analy­ ses in laboratories around the globe today.

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The constancy of the sam pIe flow and the stability of the flame will, in end effect, limit the precision of the flame determinations at higher absorbance readings. 3% relative standard deviation. The flame conditions usually change when dissolved sampies are introduced. This may cause small changes in the baseline. Simple drift compensation (double 31 Analytital Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry beaming) by measuring the lamp light directly through the flame shortly before or after the absorbance reading is therefore possible only if the solvent flow is kept constant.

The Zeeman effect principle works only if the background absorption is unaffected by the magnetic field. This is very probably true for light scattering in general and, apart from a few weIl documented examples [17], it is true for molecules as weIl. It is true for metals only if the split of the matrix atomic line pro- 28 1. AAS: a simple and rugged system for trace and ultratrace elemental analysis files in the magnetic tield does not result in an overlap with the analyte emission profile [18, 19].

It can't be 0 easy, and thi is one of the rea on why I üll have a job a an analyst". The energy for volatilization and atomization is provided by an electric current in the case of the graphite furnace. The graphite tube is an electric resistor, a means to hold the sampIe and a volume to contain the atoms within a small part of the light beam. The tube is usually about 20 to 30 mm long and 4-6 mm in diameter (Fig. 15). 5 cm 3 . Between 1 and 50 ~ of liquid sampIe, a few flg of asolid sampie or a slurry of a few flL of liquid sampies mixed with solid particles are introduced into the tube via an autosampIer through a small dosing hole with about 2 mm diameter.

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