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By Stephen Krensky

The sky god Nyame retains the entire world's tales locked in a field. but when Anansi can trick many of the earth's fiercest and fastest creatures, Nyame will percentage his tales. Will Anansi be successful?

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He put the bowl in the doll’s lap. Then Anansi tied a vine to the doll’s neck and went off to hide in the bushes. 40 Before long, Mmoatia came by. She saw the doll sitting alone under the odum tree. She also noticed the pounded yams. ” she asked hungrily. 41 Anansi pulled on the vine he had tied to the doll’s neck. The doll nodded. Mmoatia started eating and eating. Soon the bowl was empty. She wiped her mouth and stood up. “Thank you,” she said to the doll. The doll said nothing. “I said thank you,” Mmoatia said again.

He asked. Mmoatia vanished at once, but that did no good. Visible or not, her hands and feet were still stuck tight to the doll. 45 So Anansi spun a web around Mmoatia and brought her up to Nyame. When the sky god saw them, he called together everyone in the kingdom. “Hear me,” he told them. “Anansi has met my price. ” 46 When Anansi got home, he shared the stories with Aso. They laughed and cried and even shouted in surprise at the endings. But they did not keep the stories to themselves. They told them to others and still do to this day.

They told them to others and still do to this day. Afterword Anansi is one of the most important figures in West African folklore. His story began long ago with the Ashanti people of Ghana. The Ashanti belong to a larger group called the Akan. Tales about Anansi spread to other West African regions. They then spread to islands in the Caribbean Sea and to North and South America. In some stories, Anansi is a spider. Sometimes he is a man who can climb and spin webs like a spider. But in all stories, Anansi is a trickster.

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