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By W. A. Hemmings (auth.), W. A. Hemmings (eds.)

w. A. HEMMINGS the concept proteins can input cells complete is a tricky one. but the version events wherein this technique might be studied were identified and investigated for a few years. these occasions come up throughout the specialization required to move immunoglobulins synthesized through the mum to the stream of the fetus or infant animal, that's within the transmission of passive immunity to the younger. This continually includes the protein crossing a continuing mobile barrier, within the placenta or fetal membranes, or within the intestinal epithelium. the concept that is difficult to just accept when it comes to phone biology since it is tough to envisage a mechanism wherein proteins can go in volume a mobile membrane that is regulating the access of solutes. Brambell has recommend an speculation of this type of mechanism, restating it in 'The transmission of passive immunity from mom to younger' in 1970. In 1974, after his loss of life, a symposium used to be held in Bangor mostly in this topic, released as 'Maternofetal Transmission of Immunoglobulins' . because then additional conferences were hung on intestine move less than the identify of the current quantity, which consists of papers drawn from those meetings.

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The effect of heterologous sera on the uptake of rabbit antibody from the gut of young mice. Proc. R. Soc. , Scasscellati, G. , Giagnoni, P. and Giordoni, R. (1964). Labelling of human fibrinogen with iodine-131 by electrolytic iodination Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 86, 519 35 5 The transmission of high molecular weight breakdown products of protein across the gut of suckling and adult rats w. A. HEMMINGS That animals could be immunized by oral administration of soluble protein has been known since the turn of the century, when Uhlenhuth (1900) first reported the formation of circulating antibodies by rabbits which had been fed on egg albumin.

1972). The mechanism of intestinal uptake and transcellular transport of IgG in the neonatal rat. J. , 51, 2916 Jones, R. E. (1972). Intestinal absorption and gastro-intestinal digestion of protein in young rats during the normal and cortisone-induced post-closure period. Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 274, 412 Kraehenbiihl, J. P. and Campiche, M. A. (1969). Early stages of intestinal absorption of specific antibodies in the newborn. An ultrastructural, cytochemical and immunological study in pig, rat and rabbit.

So far as I am aware this is the first statement of the phenomenon. The subject has since lain in the literature, but seems to have escaped the text-books. There was a good deal of interest apparently in the first decade or two after its discovery, and a number of excellent contributions were made, but on the whole they have been ignored, and their important implications have not taken root, so that the work has seemed to be repeated from decade to decade. But now things seem to be changing. The conference on Coeliac Disease in 1974 may mark a turning point.

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