Arthropods and Human Skin by John O’Donel Alexander MB, ChB, FRCP (Glasgow) (auth.) PDF

By John O’Donel Alexander MB, ChB, FRCP (Glasgow) (auth.)

To the entomologist all bugs have six legs; the layman has a tendency to exploit the time period "insect" to incorporate the eight-legged spiders and mites. these kind of creatures are properly categorised as arthropods. Many hundreds of thousands of the loads of hundreds of thousands of regarded species of arthropods are present in the human environment-domestic, occupational and rec­ reational. these species that are obligate parasites of guy, the human scabies mite and the top and physique lice, produce accepted medical syndromes. they continue to be vital in clinical perform and feature been the topic of loads of contemporary learn. this can be starting to throw a lot mild at the immunological mechanisms which mostly make sure the reactions of the host. Dr. Alexander has supplied a close survey of this paintings. The wasps, bees, ants and different Hymenoptera that may sting guy in self-defence may cause painful, even deadly reactions. the hot paintings in this vital topic has additionally been completely reviewed. each dermatologist of expertise will admit that he sees many sufferers in whom he makes a analysis of "insect bites", if he has the boldness to take action, or of "papular urticaria" or "prurigo" while he lacks such self assurance, in most cases simply because he's at a loss to understand which arthropod could be implicated. In his survey of the big literature within the entomological, public healthiness and dermatology journals Dr. Alexander has supplied a useful advisor during which the strategies to those medical mysteries may be sought.

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This young louse has just completed its first moult. Shortly it will feed and swell to a larger size before its new skin becomes fully hardened . An unhatched egg is attached to the same hair which is supporting the louse. The exit-lid is clearly shown. This bears a group of about 16 thick-rimmed openings associated with respiration . (From Maunder 1983b, by kind permission of the author and the Editor of the Proceedings of the Royal Institution of Great Britain. Scanning electron micrograph taken by Mr.

Careful inspection will reveal a gently undulating mass of lice beneath what has come to be known as plica polonica, from its prevalence in northeastern Europe at the beginning of this century. This condition is associ~ted with poverty and neglect. The present writer has seen about half a dozen such cases in Glasgow over the past 30 years. In one particular case, of a "down and out" alcoholic man with hair about 30 cm long, secondary infection was not so pronounced, but the louse population on his scalp was astronomical.

Removes all possibility of viable eggs surviving. Movements of lice are haphazard. They meander in all directions but tend to prefer horizontal walking. Their speed increases with slight rises of temperature. According to Nuttall (1917c), under optimal conditions a louse can cover 1 m in 2 min incorrectness of their assertion. Massive infestation 43 s. Long distances can be covered. Marples may sometimes give rise to systemic symptoms, (1965) cites 15 ft (5 m) as the distance travelled which are discussed below (see p.

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