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On the other hand, if the window stays open, the Perfective will be required (41). (40) Kto zdes’ otkryvali okno? (Russ. ‟ (the window has been open, then closed) S: „the window being open‟ (41) Kto zdes’ otkrylp okno? (Russ. ‟ (the window has been left open) S1: „the window not being open‟ // S2: „the window being open‟ The aspectual form required in (40) is the Imperfective, because what the question refers to is the occurrence of a state where the window had been open (stative adjective in English), which can only obtain after the event of the window being opened (passive in English).

3 Two functions of the indeterminate Imperfectives In East and West Slavic, the indeterminate Imperfectives have two independent core meanings:35 a) one or several round-trips (49)-(52); and b) motion without a path (53)-(54). For the manner of motion „walk‟, Bulgarian distinguishes between (a) and (b): xodjai „I walk‟ (Russ. xodit’ i-indet) is used for (a), as in (90)-(91) with one and several round-trips respectively, while (b) is expressed by vărvjai „I walk‟, as in (92) for a motion with no path, and in (93) for the ability to walk, where path is irrelevant: (90) Njama da xodjai na kino dnes.

If the subject in (53) eventually leaves the room through a door other than the one through which he entered the room, that circumstance is left unexpressed. Likewise, the single or repeated round-trips in (49)-(52) take place between a source and a goal, so that the subject returns to the source, and the motion is confined to the one stretch between the goal and the source. If the source is different, the repeated round-trip must be broken down into single round-trips, and the individual sources must be expressed.

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