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By E. De Santis, L. Proietti, V. De Santis (auth.), Francesco Saverio Santori, Nicola Santori, Annarita Piccinato (eds.)

Avascular Necrosis (AVN) is a affliction caused by transitority or everlasting lack of blood offer. It usually impacts the femoral head and during this quarter, if left untreated, commonly factors untimely joint destruction.

In the united states, five to ten% of situations of hip osteoarthritis requiring overall hip substitute are essentially because of AVN. In 33 to seventy two% of sufferers, the disorder is bilateral. the height prevalence is among 30 and 60 years of age, and the social bills of this pathology are outstanding. there's for this reason expanding curiosity in hip joint maintaining options similar to conservative therapy via electromagnetic fields and shockwaves in addition to joint maintaining surgical recommendations. This quantity goals to offer an entire review of the present wisdom on AVN together with healing options.

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Stable X-ray images at the end of follow-up were observed in only 25% of hips treated with CD, in 32% of those treated with electrical stimulation, and in 32% treated with CD+ PEME The above data allow some conclusions to be drawn regarding the treatment options for each stage on the basis of a follow-up at 36 months. The indication is that non-weight bearing does not constitute an effective treatment for osteonecrosis of the femur head. 38 R. Cadossi, E. Vaienti, L. C. Traina For hips in stage I treated with CD or electrical stimulation, the clinical result was uniformly good and both treatments proved significantly better than non-weight bearing.

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