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By Michael J. Tresca

We all know the tale of the Pied Piper, yet there's extra to the tale: What occurred to the rats? What occurred to the kids? whilst a spell is going awry in a rat-baiting pageant, scrap discovers he's a bit of either. during this whimsical coming of age story, a operating conflict among Black's gang of pickpockets and Piper's summoned vermin spills out into the streets of Calximus urban. Scrap and his partners needs to navigate the aristocracy and underworlds of rodent and human alike to resolve the secret in their roots. alongside the way in which he'll make pals of rat and guy; continue to exist cats, goblins, ogres, and witches; and if he's clever sufficient, type sufficient, and believes sufficient, Scrap simply may possibly keep the dominion ... and himself.

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