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By James Raymond Lucas

A examine of the character of energy in modern day "empowered" businesses. The ebook explores what's the correct stability among authority and empowerment - how a lot authority may still staff have? It introduces the strategies of "balance" and "interdependence" and the volume and caliber of energy.

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The hundreds or thousands of decisions and comments and interactions that occur every day in our organizations are hopelessly uncontrollable by us. Even expert micromanagers in small businesses can't do it. They think they've got all the holes plugged up andwhammo! It's those people. They just can't be controlled. They just won't be controlled. The stronger the attempts to do so, the more the resentment growsand the greater the ingenuity. People can be incredibly creative in slipping out of our graspor in deceiving us into thinking they're in it.

Part of the problem is that we look at this as two things we do related to other people. The reality is that we lead others, but can manage only ourselves. As we will see in Chapter 8, the ultimate difference between leadership and management is the difference between what we can do related to others and what we should do related to ourselves. We have the power to leadto establish a vision, to articulate plans and goals, to use the power of example. We have the power to do the right thing. And we have the power to recognize the limitations on our ability to manage anyone or anything and to take steps in accordance with that reality.

The second word is powershare. Empowerment is a limp wordoften simply a synonym for delegation and all too often a disguise for dumping work on people who don't want it and don't believe that any power is involved in the transfer. Powershare suggests a transaction between consenting adults and recognizes that everyone brings some power to the table. Although I elaborate in Chapter 1 on why this word was created, I wanted to introduce it here. Page 9 Section I The Force and the Issues Page 11 1 Power: What It Is and How to Use It The issue is not size, but power, the ability to either bend other entities to one's own will or to remove obstacles to achieving one's goals.

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