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By Anne Rice, A. N. Roquelaure

Anne Rice writing as A. N. Roquelaure.

Beauty is bought into erotic slavery and compelled to obey the orders of the Captain and Mistress Lockley.

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I don’t know. There must have been more to it than that,” Tristan whispered, but then he stopped as though bewildered. ” Yet he said it so calmly, his voice so full of quiet assurance that Beauty couldn’t believe it. The groaning cart had made another turn. The guards had ridden ahead to hear some orders from their Commander. The slaves whispered among themselves, all too obedient and fearful still to discard the little leather bits in their mouth, yet able to consult frantically on what lay ahead as the cart rocked on slowly.

Remember, it will be very much like the castle finally. ” the Princess whispered, trying not to move her lips visibly as she spoke. “And I thought I was such a rebel. ” The trumpet gave a third full-throated blast, a high echoing series of notes. ” A roar rose from all around them, a near-deafening chorus, its loudness shocking Beauty so that she couldn’t feel herself breathe. The sight of her own quivering breasts stunned her, and in one sweeping glance she saw hundreds of eyes passing over her, examining her, measuring her naked endowments, a hundred whispering lips and smiles.

A trumpet was being sounded. And hands reached out from everywhere to touch them, pushing them, pulling at their hair. Beauty felt fingers brush roughly across her face; her thighs were slapped. She let out a desperate scream, struggling to escape the hands that shoved her violently forward, while all around came the loud, deep, mocking laughter, shouts and exclamations, random cries. Tears were flowing down Beauty’s face and she hadn’t even realized it. Her breasts throbbed with the same violent pulse she felt in her temples.

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